Increase of yield, germination, and germination power. Albit shows the positive effect as herbicides antidote.


Application rate

Treatment method, processing time, application rate of working solution

Nr. of treatmts.

Additional information

100-150 mL/t

Presowing seed treatment, 10 L/t.



100 mL/hectare

Spraying at the stages of 5-6 leaves (BBCH 15-16), 200-300 L/hectare.



Lentil Ervum lens L. (syn. Lens esculenta Moensch) is the valuable legume food and forage crop. Influence of Albit on lentil was examined in trials of All-Russia Institute of Vegetable Selection and Seed Breeding (Moscow oblast) in 2001 on lentil var. Penzenskaya-14. Different variants of presowing treatment (30-50 ml of Albit/tonne of seeds) alone or in combination with foliar spraying (30-50 ml of Albit/hectare) were tested. Albit treatments increased germination in field conditions by 5% and shoot length averagely by 10%. Yield in control set (untreated) was 9.9. centners/hectare;yield increase over control due to Albit application was 0.6-1.3 centners/hectare depending of treatment mode (0.9 centners/hectare on average).

Nowadays Albit is the only pesticide officially registered in Russia to use on lentil.