Fodder grasses (galega, clover, vetch, alfalfa, sweet clover, amaranth, mustard, etc.)

Increase of yield of the green biomass, yield of seeds, germination, drought and winterkill resistance, regrowth after mowing, height and density of the grass. Control of root rot.



Application rate

Treatment method, processing time, application rate of working solution

Nr. of treatmts.

Additional information

50-70 mL/t

Presowing seed treatment, 15 L/t.


The high efficiency of Albit spraying was shown on alfalfa and clover for faster regrowth in Spring (40 mL/hectare), and 7-10 days after each mowing (40-70 mL/hectare) for faster regrowth.

40 mL/hectare

Foliar spraying at the stage of budding, 300 L/hectare