Legume crops (peas, chick-pea, soybeans, beans, French beans, lupine)

Increase of beans and green biomass yield, germination, root development, number of productive nodes, number of pods per one plant, number of beans per plant, weight of beans from one plant.


Enchantment of drought and herbicide stress resistance.


Control of root rot, Fusarium wilt, Septoria pod and leaf spots, Ascochyta pod and leaf spots.

Application rate

Treatment method, processing time, application rate of working solution

Nr. of treatmts.

Additional information

50 mL/t

Presowing seed treatment, 10-15 L/t.


Pre-sowing treatment increases resistance to root rots and aerogenic infections and herbicide stress. Application of Albit together with inoculate of nodule bacteria requires increased dose of Albit (65-75 mL/t).
For foliar spraying
Albit could be applied in combination with herbicides in tank mixtures according to rules of herbicide application (i.e. 2-3 trifoliolate leaves for soy-beans). It is not necessary to treat seeds in this case.

30-40 mL/hectare

Foliar spray at the stage of inflorescence emergence (BBCH 50-60), 300-400 L/hectare.



According to conducted field trials, application of Albit on legume crops (pea, soybeans, fodder beans, french beans, lentil, chick-pea) increases:

  • yield of beans by 0.9–7.5 centners/hectare;
  • number of pods per one plant by 12.3–30.9%;
  • weight of beans from one plant by 32.7–36.6%.

Biological efficiency of Albit against root rots of legume crops, fusarium wilt, septoria and ascochita pod and leaf spots is 17–73%, 27–80%, 48–58% and 47–60% respectively.

Application recommendations:

For legume crops, presowing seed treatment is the most significant one. It increases:

  • germination by 3-15%;
  • development of rootage by 11-41%;
  • amount of green biomass;
  • stem length by 3–36%;
  • number of productive nodes by 13.7–16.8%,

and provides immunization of plants against main diseases. Presowing seed treatment provides 60-80% of total Albit effect; its growth stimulating action can be seen through all vegetation.

Effect of presowing treatment can be improved with foliar spraying. It increases growth of green biomass, provides synchronous blossoming, accelerates pod formation and maturation, immunizes plants against air infections. It is very promising to combine Albit foliar spraying with herbicidal treatment, because legumes (especially soybean and pea) are very sensitive to herbicidal stress. Being an active anitode (antistressant), Albit relieves herbicidal stress that considerably increases herbicidal treatment effectiveness.

For presowing seed treatrment, it is recommended to use 50 ml of Albit (that corresponds to 10-15 liters of working solution) per tonne of seeds; foliar spraying takes 30-40 ml of Albit/hectare, or 300-400L of working solution/hectare. 

Presented recommendations are universal for all legume crops.



Fodder beans 

French beans