General application recommendations

General application rules of Albit


As a general rule for pre-sowing seed treatment of most agricultures, use Albit solution with concentration 4—5 ml/liter for moistening of seeds (e.g. in seed treatment machines), and 1—2 ml/liter to soak seeds in the solution for several hours. Albit cannot remain intact on the surface of treated seeds for long time, so the presowing seed treatment with Albit should be performed at most 24 hours prior to sowing (planting). Joint application of Albit with chemical seed treatment agents (which act as preservatives in this case) might considerably prolong shelf life of the treated seeds (up to several months). It is recommended to soak seedlings of truck crops before planting in solution of Albit, 1-2 ml/l of water, for 1-3 hours. One teaspoon contains 3 ml of Albit, a cup of a standard bottle in which Albit is packed, —  20 ml.

For foliar spraying on most agricultural crops, perform treatments of vegetating plants 1-3 times in the first part of vegetation season(until blossoming/flowering), starting with the period of 3-5 leaves, and the second treatment with the interval of 2-3 weeks. In field crops make 1-2 sprayings, in permanent crops (trees, plantations) —  2-3 sprayings for vegetation season. For sprayings, concentration of Albit 1-2 ml/10 liters is recommended. Albit solution of this concentration may be used for foliar sprayings, watering, root and extra-root fertilizing, drip irrigation, soil saturation. It is desirable that the solution should get onto the plant leaves. Instead of performing separate treatments with Albit, you are advised to add 1-2 ml Albit/10 l working solution of standard scheduled herbicide, insecticide, fertilizer treatments in the first part of vegetation season. If several treatments with Albit are recommended, later treatments are performed only in case earlier recommended treatments are done (as supplement to earlier treatments).