Currant, gooseberry, dog rose and the other berry-bushes

Increase of yield, acceleration of maturation, number of flowers on one bush, setting of the berries, berry size, marketability, vitamin C content, chlorophyll content in leaves, annual increment of shoots. Improved physiological state of leaves.

Increase of resistance to adverse environmental factors (air and soil pollution, temperature jumps). Decrease of rotten berries amount.

Faster and more concurrent fruit ripening, improved marketability, improved physiological state of leaves, decrease of rotten berries amount.

Control of powdery mildew. 


Application rate

Treatment method, processing time, application rate of working solution

Nr. of treatmts.

Additional information

50 mL/hectare

Foliar sprays beginning at the stage of breaking of buds and budding (BBCH stage 51-59), then with interval of 25-30 days, 500-600 L/hectare.


For private plots of land (where calculations for hectare is quite difficult) it is recommended to use for watering the Albit solution, 1 ml/10 L of water providing the solution gets onto the plant leaves.