Flowers (roses, gladiolus, pinks, cyclamens, Kafir lily, amaryllis, violet, primula, etc.)

Earlier blossoming. Increase of blossoming duration, improvement of decorative appearance, increase of number of flowers per plant, increase of extra and 1-st class flower production, more bright and saturated color of flowers and leaves, control of diseases.



Application rate

Treatment method, processing time, application rate of working solution

Nr. of treatmts.

Additional information

60-70 mL/hectare (1 ml/10 L of water)

Foliar spraying with Albit solution conc. 1 mL/10 L at the stage of budding and 2 weeks after. 600-1000 L/hectare


Watering might be done with Albit solution, 2 ml/10 L, provided that the solution gets onto the plant leaves.